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Stupid fucking white people. Being stupid and out of touch with reality. Like seriously. Duck dynasty is calling out Isis. Like wtf? Your here their there…you can’t fucking fight them you asshats. Stop talking!!!

Louise Brealey & Ferdinand Kingsley @ GQ Awards 2014 {for queenbrealey}

Beautiful babes!!

Louise Brealey & Ferdinand Kingsley @ GQ Awards 2014 {for queenbrealey}

Beautiful babes!!

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Columbia student will carry her mattress until her rapist exits school
September 2, 2014

While most students at Columbia University will spend the first day of classes carrying backpacks and books, Emma Sulkowicz will start her semester on Tuesday with a far heavier burden. The senior plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size mattress across the quad and through each New York City building – to every class, every day – until the man she says raped her moves off campus.

“I was raped in my own bed,” Sulkowicz told me the other day, as she was gearing up to head back to school in this, the year American colleges are finally, supposedly, ready to do something about sexual assault. “I could have taken my pillow, but I want people to see how it weighs down a person to be ignored by the school administration and harassed by police.”

Sulkowicz is one of three women who made complaints to Columbia against the same fellow senior, who was found “not responsible” in all three cases. She also filed a police report, but Sulkowicz was treated abysmally – by the cops, and by a Columbia disciplinary panel so uneducated about the scourge of campus violence that one panelist asked how it was possible to be anally raped without lubrication.

So Sulkowicz joined a federal complaint in April over Columbia’s mishandling of sexual misconduct cases, and she will will hoist that mattress on her shoulders as part savvy activism, part performance art. “The administration can end the piece, by expelling him,” she says, “or he can, by leaving campus.”

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As painful as I know the constant reminder of attending school with her rapist must be, I’m glad she won’t be the only one forced to remember. I hope the rapist drops out immediately…or better yet, I hope he faces the justice he deserves. 

Ushiku Daibutsu is a statue located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Completed in 1993, it stands a total of 120 metres (390 ft) tall, including the 10 m (33 ft) base and 10m lotus platform.

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Sharks are lil’ sweethearts. They’re my bros. 

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Over forty years later:



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Well, SHIT

Dreams really do come true, children.

I’m pretty sure he’s actually saying “Have any hair on your balls?”

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It’s no secret I’m a huge anime fan. I grew up on Toonami and Adult Swim, and thanks to my boyfriend and friends, have recently rediscovered my love of all things Japanimation. So I was unbelievably stoked when thesurveycorpsdancecrew approached me to shoot a new AU Attack on Titan cosplay concept for them, inspired by the pun of “The Survey Corporate.” Not to mention the nice little reunion from getting to shoot some people from The Prototypes again. 

Basically, my weekend consisted of anime + dance + photography + general shenanigans and insanity. Yes, I absolutely love my job. :P

AH my lovely friends!!! <3<3<3 look so amazing!!





I feel like shit. Our management company violated our lease and let painters and cleaners in our apartment and a bunch of stuff got stolen. Most importantly my laptop and backup hard drive with 6 years worth of drawings on it.
If anyone sees a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it for sale in or around NYC please email or message me.

My pal Randeep got screwed over!  :(  New Yorkers, it’s a big city, but give a glance over Craigslist if you have a moment this weekend.  Buh! 

Hey everyone! I want to spread the word because stuff like this sucks and I’m hoping everyone can give it a signal boost! This person’s work was stolen— the laptop, and hard-drive— the whole kaboodle! Maybe someone will see something somewhere! You never know!

If you see anything or know anything, contact: http://randeepk.tumblr.com

I hope he sues the shit out of that management company, goddamn. Wow. 

Yo wtf! Your in grounds to sue the pants off your company too


Richard Ayoade

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everytime I draw Harry I end up being quite pissed with the way he turns out, but here, have him anywayヽ(´ー`)┌






And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Get Sick In America

Many believe that the US healthcare system is the best in the world. Not so according to the World Health Organization’s ranking of the world’s health systems. The US doesn’t even rank in the top 25. It ranks 37th and is the most expensive in the world. I would argue that even if we had the best healthcare system in the world, what good is it, if no one can afford to access it.

Most companies are buying 60/40-policys for their employees these days, but even if you are lucky enough to have good insurance with 80/20-policy coverage, that 20 percent your responsible for can drive you right into bankruptcy as easily as the 60-40 policy given the cost of healthcare.

Insurance cost have been going up dramatically in the last two decades, long before the new Affordable Healthcare Act has taken affect, in some cases as much as 35% per year.

But have you noticed the latest trick the insurance companies have roll out?

Yes, Higher Deductible… most averaging $5,000 per year, per person, but I have seen some as high as $10,000 per year. For those of you that are wondering, this tactic is specifically designed too stop you from using your insurance. It reduces the insurance companies out of pocket liability by shift costs onto consumers, especially those dealing with chronic illness such as diabetes and arthritis. Consequently, because consumers can’t afford the deductible they will avoid necessary care to save money.

Although insurance companies are a problem, the real crocks is the healthcare system it self. A corrupt and bloated system desperately in need of reform!

This is absolutely ridiculous.

I live in New Zealand. My mum had a heart attack when I was 13, she was in hospital for at least 3 months and our government pays for most of our bills so I think my parents only had to pay around about $500 - 1k. With the option to pay it over a period of time.

Like????? Does the America government even give the slightest fuck about the people that live in their country???? Honestly.

No. They don’t.

I love how the bacitracin ointment in the first pic cost almost $125… you can get the same thing at CVS for $5. So they must have bathed him in it or something I’d hope…. though I know they didnt…….

Been painfully aware of this lately. I was supposed to be hospitalized during my most recent flare, but my new doctor happens to be a really cool guy and knew I didn’t have insurance so he did what he could to help me without admitting me. Even with all his help things got ridiculously expensive.

With zero income and a disability in a red state you still can’t have medicaid unless maybe if you have dependents (I don’t)

If you’re not wealthy in this country, and you’re also not healthy, you are supposed to die.

That sounds hyperbolic but it is absolutely the truth.








I need it. And I do hope this is true.

Where’s that edit of Jensen in the Captain America suit when you need it?

Ooh you mean this image?

You are welcome


I need an edit of him as Hawk. Now!

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